ABOUT Denise


Own Yourself Completely and Confidently.

My vulnerable and authentic story telling gives you the power to love yourself completely by feeling comfortable in your own skin, so you can become the best version of yourself possible. Doing so allows you to have the most amazing relationship with yourself, your partner and every other aspect of your life.

Denise Nicole Photography  Boudoir and Women Portraiture

I started my journey in photography in 2003. Crazy that it was just a hobby of mine that I picked up to help me get through a rough patch in my life. Since then it has turned into so much more. I feel like it saved me. So I nurture it fully. It’s more than just a passion of mine, it’s a constant burning fire in my heart.

I realized very quickly that I wanted to photograph Weddings and Boudoir. I’m a hopeless romantic (so that’s a no-brainer) and I am compelled to help women feel good about themselves first and foremost. Only then can we learn to love someone else when we are at ease and peace within ourselves.

I not only want to help women feel confident in her own skin…. I want to impact her life. We all lose ourselves in the midst of every day life. We just need the courage to find our way back.

I dove deep into my fears and my thoughts and wanted to know what had happened in my life that drove me to want to empower women. I realized that it all started when I was just a teenager.  I was 14 when I was in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship. My identity was stripped away and my self esteem was knocked down. At the age of 19 I was finally brave enough to leave. With a 4 year old in hand, and afraid of what the world had to offer I started my journey to self love and healing. 

It took years to build my self esteem back up again. There are still days I hear his words in my head. And those are the hardest of all days. When I doubt myself. But throwing myself into my passion has become therapeutic. It gives me purpose. A reason to continue living this crazy dream of mine and helping the world become a more loving and kind place to be in. Helping one woman at a time see her inner beauty. The light she holds inside. Letting her know as long as there is self love, there is hope. 

I dig down deep inside the souls of my clients. Wanting her to express who she is freely. To love herself with abandon. Accepting all that she, IN THAT moment, while in front of my camera. A safe place where there is no judgement. No room for negative thoughts or self sabotaging. Just a safe, quiet place she can tune into her inner being. Thinking about the woman she has become today.  How hard she has fought to get there. All the struggles, trials and tribulations that have molded her into the beautiful creature she is at this very given moment. A place where loving herself is accepted and highly encouraged. If she could see her inner beauty through my eyes, then just maybe I am giving her the courage to set herself free, from all the worries and insecurities that cloud her mind. 

It’s an honor to help just ONE person, see her true self. I try to get to know my client's in the little time that we have together. I photograph the woman I see in front of me, with her walls down and in all her vulnerability. Not just her extremity but the subtle actions that make her so beautifully unique. If we can find that love that we search for so desperately from others, from within, we would be invincible.  I strive to give women that power back. The self love and acceptance that only THEY can be in full control of. The road to complete freedom.

Please join my journey in becoming a part of an amazing ALL WOMEN COMMUNITY where we discuss raw life. Where like-minded women can talk openly about adversities that have molded us into the resilient women that we are today. Hear stories from women all around the world discuss how they have overcome these adversities and join us in learning and growing together. I will have monthly challenges on self love, self confidence, how to maintain a positive mindset, talks about being single, being in a relationship, motherhood and daily routines that have helped me get out of the darkness in a completely judge free area where there will be only positive feedback and conversations happening daily. This is a private group. For only $14 ($7 for a very limited time)!!!! This is less than having a glass of wine with your girlfriends and you will meet AMAZING women who you can connect with and create life long friendships with. There is no price tag on loving yourself completely. This will be very therapeutic. I will research amazing topics and have you completely involved with conversations that will impact your life and change it forever in a positive way. You will NOT find anything else like it out there! JOIN NOW!!!!!!!